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Top Soil For Your Lawn

Most people think that Top Soil is only used to prepare lawns for seeding.
But did you know that Top Soil is great for dressing your existing lawn?

Mowing a lawn full of lumps and bumps is really no fun at all. It not only gets tiring, but it makes for a very uneven cut. These high and low spots are mostly created by freezing and thawing throughout the winter. When water in the soil freezes, it expands and when it melts, the soil does not always settle back to where it is supposed to. There can also be depressions in the lawn that are caused by decaying tree stumps and other factors.

It was always believed (and still is to this day), that getting a lawn back to level is best done by using a lawn roller which supposedly pushes the high spots back down where they belong. This method is far from ideal since over the years, you are compacting the soil to a point where roots no longer have enough air available to grow and water does not penetrate properly.

The best way to remove these high and low spots is to use a top dressing with a good quality top soil such as the one available from T. David Trucking. You basically add top soil to the low spots to bring them up to the same level as the high spots. Just drop small piles of top soil on the lawn and then rake them out while leaving the grass in place. Any top soil areas less than an inch thick will allow the grass below it to grow back to the surface.

Areas where the depression is greater than one inch in depth can be repaired by peeling back the existing grass and filling in the areas below. You then simply put the peeled grass back into place. For areas that have poor grass growth, fill them with top soil and reseed.

Using a good top soil on your lawn will also replenish some of the nutrients that grass needs to grow. While were at it, invest in a good mulching mower and leave the clippings on the lawn. This will replace nutrients and save you the hassle of raking.



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